Letter: CAPP Initial Observations – Proposed Federal Options to Cap and Cut Oil and Gas Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is committed to environmental leadership and working to be a constructive and solution-oriented partner in addressing the triple challenge of emission reduction, energy security and affordability. Our members share the vision that lower emission energy systems are good for society.

Today, Canada is a global leader in emissions-reducing innovations and technologies and Canadian oil and natural gas producers have been an important part of this leadership. Our sector provides three quarters of all spending on clean technology development in the country which amounted to over three billion dollars in 2019. At this time of global uncertainty over energy security, our sector is playing a major role both as secure suppliers of sustainable energy and as global leaders in upstream GHG emissions reduction.

It is in this spirit that we provide initial comments on the federal government’s recent discussion paper on options to cap and cut oil and gas sector greenhouse gas emissions.


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