Letter: Covid-19 Business Continuity Support, Newfoundland and Labrador

April 1, 2020

Last week, CAPP sent a letter to federal Ministers Freeland and O’Regan (attached) to ask that the Government of Canada designate the energy sector as “critical infrastructure” or an “essential service” and help advance discussions with the provinces on this key issue. The most important thing both levels of government can do to assist the offshore industry right now is to support our ongoing operations. Designating the oil and gas sector as “critical infrastructure” or an “essential service”, as appropriate within jurisdictional frameworks, would ensure that policies which are announced with the intent of restricting the spread of the virus do not have unintended impacts on our workforce, operations, and supply chains. Companies are taking appropriate measures to ensure workers remain safe in the context of COVID-19 offshore. Ensuring our industry can continue to operate is a top priority. We request this be taken into consideration for any emergency measures orders to enable the appropriate level of operations necessary to maintain energy supply, safe operations of facilities and mitigate adverse economic impacts for the province.


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