Report of the Expert Panel on the Modernization of the National Energy Board

June 14, 2017

We compliment the Panel on a principled and thorough report that warrants careful reflection and thought.

CAPP has participated in the legislative reviews initiated by the government, including the Expert Panel processes for both NEB modernization and CEAA. CAPP has responded to the CEAA Expert Panel Report and is engaged in the subsequent consultations initiated by Environment and Climate Change Canada.We are pleased to have the opportunity to respond to the Expert Panel Report on NEB Modernization and are committed to continue to assist you in any way we can.

We share the principles on which the report rests and agree with much of the vision. However, we have significant concerns.

There are areas where we have a need for better understanding, and areas where we have suggestions. Canada is an exporting nation. Our abundance of natural resources is a source of great prosperity for Canadians. Pipelines are essential links to market. Regulation should foster and not frustrate this Canadian advantage.

We are concerned that the regulatory process will be substantially longer and more complex if the recommendations are implemented as proposed and serve to further diminish investor confidence in Canada.

This is a concern that not only impacts the attractiveness of Canada as a place to invest in pipelines; it impacts all energy development that relies on linear transmission lines to access markets.


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