Response to Canada Transport discussion paper “Potential legislative amendments to strengthen marine environmental protection and response.”

October 5, 2018

CAPP recognizes the Ocean Protection Plan is focused on building a world-leading marine safety system that will protect the marine environment and coastal communities from the potential impacts of shipping and navigation. CAPP supports this goal and believes that continuous improvement in environmental response capability is fundamental to ocean protection.

Before detailing specific comments on the Discussion Paper, CAPP would like to reinforce the importance of prevention of environmental incidents.

Prevention is the primary focus of oil and gas companies operating in Canada’s offshore, and this focus extends to activities such as selecting contractors involved in transporting its products to transshipment facilities and/or to markets.

Contractors must adhere to strict environment and safety practices defined by offshore operators, the Canada Shipping Act and International Maritime Organization. Canada’s offshore operators use experienced, credible companies that specialize in crude transport.

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