The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is a membership-driven organization that provides a strong, unified voice for Canada's oil and natural gas industry, initiates change and responds to issues on behalf of members. CAPP’s member companies produce about 80% of Canada’s natural gas and oil and contribute about $116 billion in revenues annually.

Scam Alert

Beware of those who use CAPP’s name in an attempt to buy or sell goods or services. CAPP is a member-driven organization that does not produce goods or services for sale.

Membership Benefits

CAPP provides a strong, unified voice for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry: one that initiates change and responds to issues on behalf of its members.

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Membership Sign-Up

Interested in becoming a member of CAPP? We offer Associate Memberships and Producer Memberships, and each have a variety of benefits.

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CAPP has two types of membership, Producer and Associate.

Producer Members

This membership type is available to companies that explore for, develop and/or produce oil or natural gas in Canada. Producer member companies have access to many benefits, services and materials which they may use to enhance their corporate operations.

Associate Members

Associate membership is available to companies and other organizations (with the exception of other associations) that provide services in support of the upstream oil and natural gas industry, as well as producer companies whose upstream operations are outside of Canada.


Member Resources

CAPP members have access to a number of members-only resources, such as a secure website with online resources and documents.

Member Newsletter

CAPP members get access to a weekly edition of CAPP Weekly, a members-only newsletter highlighting industry news and activity.