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Environment and Innovation

Canadian Suncor laboratory technician.


Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is committed to leadership in environmental performance and is actively working to reduce environmental impacts through project design, operating facilities efficiently and safely, and continually investing in research, innovation and technology.

Lady working in oil field.

Climate change

Canada’s oil and gas industry has proven it can grow production while lowering emissions.

Canadas oil industry air quality


Provinces manage air quality including regulation of industrial emissions, air monitoring, setting air quality objectives, and reporting air quality.

Canadian oil and natural gas land reclamation


Canada’s energy industry minimizes land impacts from the planning stage through to land reclamation.

Canadian oil and gas water protection.


Protecting water resources is a priority for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.

Canadian offshore oil and gas.


Offshore operators are committed to developing resources responsibly and work to mitigate potential impacts on the marine environment.

Oil and gas environment regulation and monitoring

Regulation and monitoring

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry operates in one of the world’s most stringent regulatory environments, with oversight from federal, provincial, and territorial governments. Regulations govern activities such as water use, air emissions, land reclamation, monitoring, and reporting, among others.