A strong energy sector ensures Canada’s prosperity and a strong Canadian economy, now and for the future.

A solvent recovery unit and froth settling unit are two parts of the secondary extraction process (2016).

Canadian Economic Contribution

According to Statistics Canada, Canada’s oil and natural gas industry provided more than $105 billion to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) and supported almost 400,000 jobs across the country in 2020.

Canada plastic flag with blurred urban background in Toronto

Industry Across Canada

In addition to its contribution to Canada’s GDP and tax revenues, the industry is also a major job creator across the country. Using goods and services from many regions, Canada’s exploration and production of oil and natural gas is truly a national industry.

Economic Competitiveness

Companies must compete globally for investment, resources, people and markets. As leaders in innovation, expertise, productivity and ESG, Canadian natural gas and oil producers have an opportunity to be a responsible supplier of choice for the world.

Capital Investment and Drilling

Capital investment in Canada’s energy sector generates development activity, which in turn spurs job creation and economic growth across Canada for all levels of government.