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Statement from Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) on Alberta hitting its methane reduction target three years early

Calgary, Alberta (Nov 28, 2023) 

“The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers is pleased with today’s announcement that the province’s methane reduction target from oil and natural gas operations has been met ahead of schedule. Alberta’s approach with effective regulations, offset programs, and research support contributed to accelerating methane emissions reductions. Over the past decade, our industry has reduced methane emissions while growing production and is also on track to surpass the current federal target of a 40 to 45 percent reduction by 2025. We are investing significant resources into research and will continue to work with the provincial government on additional emissions reduction opportunities.”

About CAPP

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is a non-partisan, research-based industry association that advocates on behalf of our member companies, large and small, that explore for, develop, and produce oil and natural gas throughout Canada. Our associate members provide a wide range of services that support the upstream industry. CAPP’s members produce nearly three quarters of Canada’s annual oil and natural gas production and provide more than 400,000 direct and indirect jobs in nearly all regions of Canada. In 2022 across Canada, our industry contributed $111 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in addition to paying $45 billion in taxes and royalty payments. CAPP is a solution-oriented partner and works with all levels of government to ensure a thriving Canadian oil and natural gas industry. We strive to meet the need for safe, reliable, affordable, and responsibly produced energy, for Canada and the world. We are proud to amplify industry efforts to reduce GHG emissions from oil and gas production and support Indigenous participation and prosperity.