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Plans to improve Canada's oil and gas sector

2023-2025 Continuous Improvement Plan

CAPP, working with members active in Newfoundland and Labrador, has developed a plan to help advance continuous improvement across the Atlantic Canada offshore industry. Collaborating for Safety and Environmental Sustainability: A Continuous Improvement Plan for 2023-2025 is the continuation of an initiative that began in 2020 based on the vision that Atlantic Canada can be the safest and most environmentally sustainable offshore oil and natural gas producing jurisdiction in the world. The offshore industry aims to achieve this vision through information sharing and collaboration across the industry, in addition to individual operator efforts.

The 2023-2025 plan recaps key achievements on environment, health, and safety performance from the first three years of this initiative and outlines new objectives for the next phase.

Collaborating for Safety and Environmental Sustainability will continue to be updated as new focus areas and priorities are identified.

2023-2025 Continuous Improvement Plan.

Oil and gas control room

One key initiative that stemmed from the plan is the development of the Atlantic Canada Safety Share page. The purpose of the sharing page is to provide a forum for offshore operators and contractors to share learnings related to past safety incidents, as well as best practices. This is an ongoing initiative and the site continues to be populated with new content from offshore operators and contractors.

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Atlantic Canada Offshore Safety Share