Environmental Action & Conservation

Canada's oil and natural gas industry places a high priority on air, land and water. Responsible energy development, including health and safety of employees and the public, demands strong environmental performance.


Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is committed to leadership in environmental performance, and actively working to reduce environmental impacts through project design, operational excellence, innovation and technology.

Regulation and Monitoring

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry operates in one of the world’s most stringent regulatory environments, and our monitoring systems gather valuable data for independent scientific reviews.

Climate Change

Climate change is a global issue, requiring action from individuals, governments, organizations and industries around the world. Through innovation, technology and responsible energy production, Canada is uniquely positioned to help meet this challenge.

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Air management in Canada is a shared responsibility between industry, the provincial and federal governments. Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is always looking for innovative ways to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

An aerial view of a sunlit forest of green trees.


Oil and natural gas exploration and production, including oil sands development, does impact land. But Canada’s industry minimizes impacts through ongoing innovations from the planning stage right through to land reclamation.

A Flowing River in a Natural Environment of Mountains and Dense Forest.


Protecting water resources is a priority for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry. Water used during oil and natural gas production is licensed through provincial regulators, and all water withdrawals are reported to and monitored by provincial regulator.

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Community Involvement

Relationships with communities, residents and other industries are critical to the success of the oil and natural gas industry. These communities are not only where the companies operate, but also where their employees live.