Community Partnerships

Long-term, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities and partners is a priority for CAPP members and critical to the success of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.

Natural gas and oil and companies, as well as service companies that aid in oil and natural gas development (such as road construction and drilling crews) are committed to being good neighbours through consultation and regular engagement and communication with local landowners and affected communities. These communities are not only where these companies operate for years and even decades at a time, but often where oil and gas workers’ families live and play. By working together, the industry can have a positive and lasting impact on a community. 

Supporting Indigenous Communities

Shared economic opportunities are only part of industry’s engagement with Indigenous peoples. Collaboration on environmental protection, monitoring and restoration also form an important part of engagement. Industry acknowledges the strong role that Indigenous knowledge can play to inform environmental management.

Canada’s natural gas and oil and industry is committed to a broad range of principles and initiatives to enhance Indigenous participation in all parts of the sector. There is also considerable mutual value in initiatives such as education, scholarships, training programs and other activities that best fit the local priorities identified by Indigenous leaders and their communities. 


Natural gas and oil companies actively participate in the communities where they live and work in many ways, such as: training and employment; contributing to the local tax base; and by providing funding and volunteer support to local charitable and community-based organizations. Companies also invest in local infrastructure such as community centres and sports arenas.  

Each company has its own community investment strategy and may focus funding that supports projects in areas such as the arts, environment, education, and health. Collectively, these activities help build strong, vibrant and healthy communities. 

Industry in Action

Investing in community programs and charities strengthens relationships in areas where CAPP members operate.


Canada’s offshore oil industry works to develop positive, collaborative relationships with the fishing industry through effective communication and engagement. Our industry conducts its operations in Atlantic Canada with a goal of minimizing its operational impact on the environment and other ocean users.

The fishing industry is consulted as part of the environmental assessment process and communication is built into project planning to ensure fishers are aware of ongoing offshore activity.