Atlantic Canada's Offshore

Offshore operators are developing resources safely and responsibly for the benefit of Atlantic Canadians, more than just meeting the energy needs of society. It generates employment, boosts local businesses, drives crucial research and development and promotes education and training, while generating and maintaining sustainable infrastructure.

Atlantic Canada's Offshore

Atlantic Canada's offshore operators are committed to the safe and responsible development of offshore resources. The industry is thriving with four producing projects, one project in development and significant exploration activity.

Safety comes first in our industry and keeping people safe is the single most important consideration in all of our operations. CAPP is a member of the Atlantic Canada Offshore Petroleum Training and Qualifications Committee (TQC) which is a culmination of a joint effort among the offshore petroleum industry, drilling contractors and regulatory authorities to produce a single document containing a concise description of the minimum qualifications and certified safety training required of individuals working in Atlantic Canada’s offshore petroleum industry.

The industry is having a major impact on Atlantic Canada’s economy thanks to the royalties and taxes the industry pays to governments, the creation of jobs and expenditures related to industry activity. Oil and natural gas companies in the region also contribute significantly to the communities where they are active.

We are also committed to developing resources responsibly and strive at all times to mitigate potential impacts on the environment. The industry is governed by a robust regulatory regime and companies meet or exceed all environmental protection regulations while also adhering to global best practices.