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2019 Crude Oil Forecast

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Fact Sheet
Environmental Innovation – Air

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry works to reduce air emissions associated with our development activities through project design, operational excellence, innovation and technology.

February, 2020 - 2 Pages

Air Climate Change Environment & Innovation

Fact Sheet
Ontario Manufacturing and Canada’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Ontario is Canada’s largest manufacturing province, accounting for 47 per cent of national manufacturing output and 54 per cent of value-added exports.

March, 2020 - 2 Pages


Canadian Natural Gas: Demand and Production Forecast Scenario Modelling

Canada’s current natural gas resources, production and markets including domestic and export. Also scenario modelling to demonstrate potential effect of higher export demand.

February, 2020 - 12 Pages

Energy Demand Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Natural Gas Development in British Columbia

Developing this crown owned resource requires billions of dollars annually in industry investment to bring natural gas to market, and create economic and social benefits, jobs and affordable energy for British Columbians.

August, 2019 - 3 Pages

Environment & Innovation LNG Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
British Columbia’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry

British Columbia has produced both natural gas and crude oil since 1952. Innovations have led the industry to focus on the development of unconventional natural gas regions in Northeast B.C. Development of these significant resources provides British Columbians with a variety of economic benefits.

February, 2020 - 4 Pages

Environment & Innovation Natural Gas Oil

Best Management Practices
Update of Fugitive Equipment Leak Emission Factors

This publication presents updated average emission factors for estimating emissions from fugitive equipment leaks at upstream oil and natural gas (UOG) facilities.

February, 2014 - 47 Pages

Air Climate Change Environment & Innovation

Third Party Publications
Proposed Actions to Address the Competitiveness of Canada’s Upstream Oil and Natural Gas Sector, JWG Report

A Joint Working Group (JWG) was convened in late 2017 as a forum for industry, federal and provincial governments to examine issues affecting the competitiveness of the upstream oil and natural gas industry in Canada.

August, 2018 - 88 Pages

Natural Gas Oil Sands

CAPP Discussion Paper on Implementing the United Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in Canada

CAPP endorses the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as a framework for reconciliation in Canada, and supports the implementation of its principles in a manner consistent with the Canadian Constitution and law.

April, 2016 - 5 Pages

Indigenous Engagement

Best Management Practices
Pipeline Leak Detection Programs

The purpose of this BMP is to provide a guide to pipeline leak detection program best management practices that can be applied in the broadest range of applications, noting there is diversity in the practical problems that will be encountered in pipeline leak detection.

May, 2018 - 15 Pages


Fact Sheet
Guiding Principles and Operating Practices: Living Together – Working Together

Recognizing the increasing importance to be transparent and clearly demonstrate a commitment to responsible energy development, CAPP members collaborated to create Guiding Principles that focus on conduct in the communities where our members operate.

January, 2019 - 1 Page

Health & Safety Natural Gas

2019 Crude Oil Forecast, Markets and Transportation

CAPP’s Crude Oil Forecast provides the association’s latest long-term outlook for total Canadian crude oil production and western Canadian crude oil supply. A primary purpose of this report is to inform discussion and support a fundamental understanding of oil industry issues.

June, 2019 - 26 Pages

Economics Oil Oil Sands

Oil and natural gas priorities: Putting Canada on the world stage – An energy platform for Canada

Canadians agree environmental responsibility is important, full participation of Indigenous peoples in the economy is a priority, and climate change requires action. Canada’s oil and gas sector is aligned with these shared values and poised to help achieve them, while promoting prosperity.

June, 2019 - 12 Pages

Natural Gas Policy & Regulations

Best Management Practices
Industry Shared Practices: Anomalous Induced Seismicity due to Hydraulic Fracturing

This Industry Shared Practice was developed by CAPP member companies. It is designed to serve as a guide, describes current recommended practices to manage induced seismicity, reflects the current state of knowledge and takes into account areas of ongoing research.

April, 2019 - 28 Pages

Health & Safety Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Improving Offshore Oil Spill Response with Dispersants

Offshore operators are developing resources safely and responsibly, and working to continuously improve offshore oil spill prevention and response. Dispersants are one of several tools that have been proven safe and effective in managing and mitigating spills.

May, 2019 - 2 Pages

Environment & Innovation Health & Safety Offshore

Fact Sheet
Ontario Manufacturing and Supply Chain fact Sheet

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry works with suppliers and manufacturers from all across the country. Outside of Alberta, Ontario is the largest supplier to Canada’s oil sands industry.

April, 2019 - 2 Pages

Environment & Innovation Health & Safety Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Oil and Natural Gas Priorties for a Prosperous Newfoundland and Labrador

Global demand for oil and natural gas is forecast to increase for decades to come, and Newfoundland must plan for what lies ahead. This will require a clear commitment from government to increase the competitiveness of our industry, and rethink the way we do business.

May, 2019 - 8 Pages

Natural Gas Offshore

Best Management Practices
Process Safety Event (PSE) Reporting Guide

This guide provides a framework for standardized measuring, recording and reporting of PSM metrics for petroleum industry operations managed by members to CAPP.

March, 2019 - 45 Pages

Health & Safety Natural Gas

Best Management Practices
Identification of Safety Critical Equipment (SCE)

This document provides an overview of the methodologies that can be used to identify Safety Critical Equipment (SCE), ranging from simplified, prescriptive methods to a fully risk-based approach.

March, 2019 - 28 Pages

Health & Safety Natural Gas

Fact Sheet
Spill Prevention and Response in Atlantic Canada

Offshore operators are safely and responsibly developing oil and natural gas resources while working to continuously improve oil spill prevention and response. The companies operating in Atlantic Canada’s offshore adhere to robust environmental regulations and apply global best practices.

March, 2019 - 2 Pages

Health & Safety Offshore

Fact Sheet
Enabling Canada’s Liquefied Natural Gas Industry: Global Emissions Reduction Benefits

Canada has an opportunity to capitalize on the coming growth for LNG and reduce global emissions by displacing coal-fired electricity generation in China, India and Southeast Asia. Canada must look beyond our borders to take a global perspective on emissions reduction.

March, 2019 - 4 Pages

Climate Change Environment & Innovation LNG

CAPP 2018 Economic Report Series: Leveraging Opportunities: Diversifying Canada’s Oil and Natural Gas Markets

In this report, CAPP examines the barriers preventing Canada’s oil and natural gas industry from realizing opportunities in the global market, and offers recommendations and solutions that would contribute to removing the barriers to market access.

March, 2019 - 41 Pages

Economics Natural Gas