CAPP regularly publishes a number of reports related to Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.


Crude Oil Forecast

CAPP releases its Crude Oil Forecast, Markets and Transportation report annually in late spring. The report provides a long-term outlook for Canadian crude oil production, including production and supply, markets, transportation and more.

Due to the rapidly changing capital budgets of Canadian oil producers, the resource production associated with that investment, and the current market and economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the 2020 CAPP Crude Oil Forecast has been deferred. As countries set on the path of reopening and rebuilding their economies and people around the world restart their lives, we will watch for the impact on global oil demand as we continue to monitor the plans for Canadian producers. CAPP’s 2019 Crude Oil Forecast remains the most recent information on expected Canadian oil production.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Report Series

Continuous Improvement

With increased interest regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in the natural gas and oil sector, CAPP has developed a series of reports that highlight industry progress in each of these categories including emissions reduction, Indigenous engagement, diversity and inclusion, reclamation and biodiversity. Good governance drives strong environmental and social practice. Canada and Canadian companies consistently rank among the highest in international ESG scores, demonstrating awareness and management of material business risks and priorities for organizations.

Oil rigs at the Seven Generations Energy Kakwa River Project.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Canada's Natural Gas and Oil Industry

Canada’s Natural Gas and Oil Emissions: Ongoing Reductions, Demonstrable Improvement illustrates the industry’s proven record of lowering emissions intensity and describes pathways to a lower-carbon future through innovation and new technology.

Three indigenous women workers pose onsite at an oil and gas facility.

Indigenous Engagement and ESG Report

Indigenous Engagement and ESG highlights many examples of successful interaction between Indigenous peoples and the oil and natural gas sector to grow resource development in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner.

2018 Economic Series

A Global Vision for the Future

As the world’s population grows, the demand for all forms of energy will increase, including demand for oil and natural gas. With our innovative industry and cost-effective clean technology, Canada is poised to become a world-leading sustainable energy supplier through innovation and cost-effective clean technology. However, for our oil and gas to be part of the future energy mix, it’s important we urgently address challenges facing our industry today. Through these economic reports, we offer solutions to create an economically viable industry that meets both our environmental and competitiveness goals.

Putting Canada on the World Stage:

An Energy Platform Across Canada

Leveraging Opportunities:

Diversifying Canada’s Oil & Natural Gas Markets

Toward a Shared Future:

Canada’s Indigenous Peoples and the Oil & Natural Gas Industry

Competitive Climate Policy:

Supporting Investment and Innovation

Canada’s Role in the World’s Energy Mix

A Global Vision for the Future of Canadian Oil & Natural Gas